Black Bull

Black Bull
Black BullGX.jpg
The Black Bull as it appeared in F-Zero GX
Number 30
Pilot Black Shadow
Manufactured by BS Group/Dark Million
Body A
Boost E
Grip A
First Appeared F-Zero X
Later Appeared F-Zero GX
F-Zero GP Legend
F-Zero Climax

The Black Bull is the machine driven by the overlord of evil, Black Shadow. This machine fully constructed by the many minions belonging to the BS Group an evil underground organization created and run by Black Shadow himself. In the anime, F-Zero Falcon Legend, the exact origins of the Black Bull are unknown, but it is assumed that it was acuired by the master of darkness through his organization known as Dark Million and supposedly operates as a sentient being all on it's own, returning to Black Shadow from wherever he is at the simple beckoning of the machine's name. Given it's stats, it's apparent that this machine was specifically designed for mercilessly preying on other vulnerable vehicles, wielding an amazing amount of grip and protective body armour and bulk. This makes controlling the vehicle in a flawless matter and taking out an opponent on the track with a well-timed side attack as simple as pressing the accelerator. With this said, the Black Bull is literally the most dangerous machine on the track!

[edit] F-Zero X

In the second console-based installment of the F-Zero franchise, the Black Bull was introduced among the wide array of 25 fellow new machines. While this machine was shown to excel in both the strength and handling departments and beyond, the option of using the boost accelerator was practically pointless given this heavyweight machine's overall bulk makes a single boost stir little to no effect at all.

[edit] F-Zero GX

In the most recent console-based installment of this series, Black Shadow's Black Bull unfortunately loses a noticable amount of it's exceptional grip to an increased amount of body strength, requiring only the most experienced drivers to properly handle this machine against comparably well-balanced models such as the Blue Falcon.

[edit] F-Zero Climax

In the most recent portable console-based title, the Black Bull strikes dread into the hearts of all competitors as it tears down the track with an immense amount of outer armour meant only for completely destroying all exposed machines in it's path and a matching amount of admirable handling capability to back it up. The only way to possibly outrun it is with a well-toned amount of boost power.

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