Blood Hawk

Blood Hawk
Blood HawkGX.jpg
The Blood Hawk as it appeared in F-Zero GX
Number 25
Pilot Blood Falcon
Manufactured by BS Group/Dark Million
Body B
Boost A
Grip E
First Appeared F-Zero X
Later Appeared F-Zero GX
F-Zero GP Legend
F-Zero Climax

The Blood Hawk is the machine driven by the deranged double, Blood Falcon. Upon the creation of Captain Falcon's evil clone at the hands of Black Shadow, the leader of the BS Group had originally planned to also craft a machine for this creation which was entirely identical to the Blue Falcon in every way. But endless races and pursuits lost to his formidable rival forced Black Shadow to make the smarter decision of crafting an entirely new machine design meant to outperform the Blue Falcon in any situation. The overall boost capabilities was greatly leaned towards in this machine's construction, forcing any possible handling quality to be completely lost.

[edit] F-Zero X

In the second console-based installment of the F-Zero franchise, the Blood Hawk was introduced among the wide array of 25 fellow new machines. In order to get the destructive advantage over his twin rival, Blood Falcon's machine was intentionally designed to be wider than the Blue Falcon in order to gain a tougher advantage and an increased boost stat in order to better his chances of showing up Black Shadow's bane on the track. The only sacrifice in this process is any adequate amount of grip whatsoever.

[edit] F-Zero GX

In the most recent console-based installment of this series, Blood Falcon's Blood Hawk returns with a rock-bottom grip stat still lingering, but an excellent boost stat that only extremely skilled pilots can properly utilize to their advantage.

[edit] F-Zero Climax

In the most recent portable console-based title, the Blood Falcon shows what duality is really made of with it's wide, well-armoured chasis and increased boost power solely meant for causing pain and misery on the track. The only way to get the jump on this machine is induce a spinout thanks to it's weakness of an exceptionally-low handling stat.

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