Bunny Flash

Bunny Flash
Bunny FlashAX.png
The Bunny Flash as it appeared in F-Zero AX
Number 37
Pilot(s) Lily Flyer
Manufactured by Manticore Engineering Firm
Body D
Boost B
Grip A
First Appeared F-Zero AX

The Bunny Flash is the machine driven by the young and dedicated militant: Lily Flyer. This machine was originally a land-based fighter ship used by the Galactic Space Forces, but was promptly modified to meet F-Zero racing standards for the purpose of effectively assisting Lily in the continuation of her training. This fact is made rather apparent thanks to the Bunny Flash's unique body structure, with two retired laser cannons mounted just above the cockpit and a smaller-than-average chasis size meant for easily outmanouvering larger attack ships. As such, this machine was made for control, but suffers in the strength department due to it's small size.

[edit] F-Zero AX

In the original arcade port of the Nintendo Gamecube-released F-Zero GX, the Bunny Flash(and pilot Lily Flyer)made it's very first appearance as a machine exclusively playable in this version of the game(it can also be unlocked in the GCN version by way of completing very hard missions in the game's Story Mode). With the Bunny Flash's top-ranked grip stat, any tight turn and cornering task can be easily accomplished, but one must be wary when racing with larger vehicles that can swiftly send this diminutive vehicle to the scrap yard with little effort.

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