Clank Hughes

Clank Hughes
Clank HughesFL.jpg
Clank Hughes as he appeared in F-Zero Falcon Legend
Name Clank Hughes
Age 11
Occupation Child Genius, Racer
Machine Dragon Bird GT
First Appeared F-Zero Falcon Legend, F-Zero Climax

Clank Hughes is a literal child prodigy, proving himself to be an all-around technical expert at the mere age of twelve. He is the son of Roy Hughes(AKA Mighty Gazelle), but was orphaned after his father was in a tragic accident and disappeared. He was later found by Rick Wheeler during a mission which took place on a far-off planet completely inhabited by lost children. Clank then snuck onto Rick's Dragon Bird on his way back and started tinkering around the High Orbit Patrol's headquarters, proving his exceptional genius to everyone and even repairing each of the crew members' machines for them. He is a rather headstrong yet very caring young boy with a heart as big as his brain.

Clank Hughes as he appeared in F-Zero Climax

[edit] F-Zero Climax

In the latest portable F-Zero title, Clank Hughes makes his first appearance as one of the four alternate unlockable characters in the game. He can only be unlocked after you've acheived an overall first place on every track in the Gold Cup, set under the Master difficulty setting. Once this is done, you'll be able to select this pilot at the very top of the character roster screen. He will be piloting the Dragon Bird GT, an upgraded version of Rick Wheeler's original.

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