Dai Goroh

Dai Goroh
Dai GorohGX.jpg
Dai Goroh as he appeared in F-Zero GX
Name Dai Goroh
Age 10
Occupation Son, Racer
Machine Silver Rat
First Appeared F-Zero GX, F-Zero AX

Dai Goroh is the son of Samurai Goroh, who entered the F-Zero circuit alongside his father in order to earn his respect by ultimately defeating Captain Falcon himself on the track. For his very young age, his strict determination fuels his able racing skills with aid from his natural, childlike energy. Due to this, Dai Goroh is a very talented athlete but lacks in the smarts department, commonly failing in his school mathematics class. He has proven himself to be a real hassle for his father to handle in terms of parenting, but respects his dad immensely, taking up racing in the first place thanks to him. This is why Dai Goroh has entered the F-Zero alongside Samurai Goroh, in order to properly protect his honour against his longtime rival: Captain Falcon. Despite this being true, it's apparent that Dai Goroh has fashioned his custom-built machine, the Silver Rat, after the Green Panther's initial design.

[edit] F-Zero GX

In the most recent console-based title, Dai Goroh is featured as a special character who can only be unlocked after successfully completing one of the game's nine StoryMode chapters on the Very Hard setting. This character was originally featured as an exclusively selectable pilot from the get-go in F-Zero AX, the reformatted arcade version of F-Zero GX. He is seen as quite kiddish here yet completely self-assured and in solid adoration of his bumbling father.

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