Deathborn as he appeared in F-Zero GX
Name Deathborn
Age Age
Occupation Immortal, Racer
Machine Dark Schneider
Appeared F-Zero GX

Deathborn is a prominent, fly-by-night villian who made his only appearance in F-Zero GX, supposedly in attempts to fully replace Black Shadow but to no avail. Absolutely nothing is known of his past besides the fact that he is a being who has died multiple times in many different lives and was brought back each time through complicated robotic technology, thus rendering him essentially immortal(and just scraping the bottom of humanity's barrel). Among his treacherous abilities is instantaneous and unbreakable teleportation, which can take place even in the most unsafe vaccum of space(which gives Deathborn ample oppurtunity to make his various victims truly suffer). He has been said to have apparently conquered the F-Zero Grand Prix circuit eons ago and has since become champion of the F-Zero races in the "underworld", a supposed alternate dimension in the F-Zero canon, where The Skull also happily resides. He is depicted as so enormously evil in this single title that even the mighty "overlord of evil", Black Shadow, cowers in utter dread before his every command. Even though Captain Falcon supposedly introduced him to his demise at the end of F-Zero GX's storyline, it's likely that he'll return in future installments if old habits serve.

[edit] F-Zero GX

In the most recent console-based title, Deathborn makes his very first(and currently only)appearance as the main villian featured in the game's Story Mode chapters, supposedly following Captain Falcon through each of the nine stages. While making Black Shadow fall to his knees is impressive in it's own right, Deathborn still comes off as sharply stereotypical and contrived in character, making it hard for veterans of this legendary racing series to replace him with the original main villain that is Black Shadow.

[edit] F-Zero Legend of Falcon

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