Digi-Boy as he appeared in F-Zero GX
Name Terry Getter
Age 8
Occupation Genius, Racer
Machine Cosmic Dolphin
First Appeared F-Zero GX, F-Zero AX

Terry Getter is a regular child prodigy through and through, being a well-respected student at the prestigious Einstein Academy for gifted young boys at age eight. Due to the fact that there's no form of computer or digital device in existence that Terry can't crack, he was given the rightful nickname of "Digi-Boy" by his peers. It was the great amount of required technical know-how and integration that drew Terry into the sport of F-Zero, in which he crafted his very own machine, the Cosmic Dolphin. This machine was unique to all the others though, as it contained a pre-rendered simulation program that Terry had put together and applied to the machine's programming himself, allowing the machine to function alongside the perfectly planned-out racing strategy that he had devised and encrypted. While this is not an illegal practice according to the rules, many other pilots look down on this method and don't generally look towards Terry in a positive light, normally ignoring him entirely. Regardless, Terry "Digi-Boy" Getter is confident that he'll truly make a difference in the upcoming Grand Prix and maybe even potentially change the sport and it's overall safety methods entirely.

[edit] F-Zero GX

In the most recent console-based title, Digi-Boy is featured as a special character who can only be unlocked after successfully completing one of the game's nine StoryMode chapters on the Very Hard setting. This character was originally featured as an exclusively selectable pilot from the get-go in F-Zero AX, the reformatted arcade version of F-Zero GX. He is a really-soft-spoken yet confident young man with a youthful, growing ambition. Even though he's a near-flawless genius, he still hasn't mastered the art of properly landing a date with the apple of his eye, Sharon, yet.

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