Don Genie

Don Genie
Don GenieGX.jpg
Don Genie as he appeared in F-Zero GX
Name Don Genie
Age 65
Occupation Mogul, Racer
Machine Fat Shark
First Appeared F-Zero GX, F-Zero AX
Later Appeared F-Zero Falcon Legend

Don Genie is an extremely successful business mogul who mainly works in the business of arms trading. He is a very self-centered and cruel man, caring for absolutely no other living thing expect himself and his social status. He holds a grudging contempt to the rest of the world as a result, shunning it all from his life as a means to overcome a probable fear of others(which he masks astoundingly well). It has been said that he entered the current F-Zero Grand Prix with his Fat Shark(which he unloaded an exhorbitant amount of funds on)for the sole purpose of advertising his many companies, but it's also possible that this is the first stage in Genie's plan to totally buy out and take over the sport of F-Zero, twisting it in ways that probably couldn't be imagined. He delivers absolutely no other racer on the track with even a shred of respect, yet has been seen to show a slight interest in Captain Falcon and his evident abilities. Despite his vast riches, Genie has been arrested on several occasions for selling highly-dangerous weaponery to various criminal organizations. Due to this fact, it has been rumoured that he also has had ties with Black Shadow in the past.

Don Genie as he appeared in an F-Zero TV interview

[edit] F-Zero GX

In the most recent console-based title, Don Genie is featured as a special character who can only be unlocked after successfully completing one of the game's nine StoryMode chapters on the Very Hard setting. This character was originally featured as an exclusively selectable pilot from the get-go in F-Zero AX, the reformatted arcade version of F-Zero GX. He is seen as a very cold-hearted corporate dictator with a very mysterious air to him, almost as if he's withholding many secrets that could potentially effect the world on a global scale(or even the Universe).

[edit] F-Zero Falcon Legend

In the anime adaptation, Don Genie is featured as an antagonistical character who comes into contact with both Rick Wheeler and Clank Hughes after Clank sneaks into his base on Sand Ocean. He is found hosting deadly underground races in this episode, using Berserker as a participant under his name. It is also revealed that Genie is definitely tied to the likes of Deathborn.

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