Dragon Bird GT

Dragon Bird GT
Dragon Bird GTF0C.png
The Dragon Bird GT as it appeared in F-Zero Climax
Number 00
Pilot(s) Clank Hughes
Manufactured by Unknown
Body B
Boost A
Grip C
First Appeared F-Zero Climax

The Dragon Bird GT is a modified version of Rick Wheeler's Dragon Bird that is respectfully piloted by the young technical genius: Clank Hughes. At the finale of the F-Zero Falcon Legend anime series, the Dragon Bird received a major performance upgrade after two Reactor Mites are grafted onto it's main engine, tremendously increasing it's overall top speed ability and noticably reducing it's modest center of control.


After taking up the helm of "Captain Falcon" and all the name stood for, Rick Wheeler passed his then-upgraded Dragon Bird to Clank in order to grow into and eventually become an F-Zero champion himself with. This is why Clank shows up as the pilot for the Dragon Bird GT in F-Zero Climax.

[edit] F-Zero Climax

In the third F-Zero title to be released on a portable console, the Dragon Bird GT was introduced as a brand new playable machine exclusively based off of the F-Zero Falcon Legend anime in which it was originally introduced. The Dragon Bird GT is nearly similar to the original Dragon Bird in almost every way save for that it's speed stat has been dramatically increased while it's handling stat decreased in the process, thereby shattering this machine's previous perfectly-balanced stat chart.

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