Fat Shark

Fat Shark
Fat SharkAX.png
The Fat Shark as it appeared in F-Zero AX
Number 31
Pilot(s) Don Genie
Manufactured by Genie Universal Entertainment Inc.
Body A
Boost B
Grip E
First Appeared F-Zero AX

The Fat Shark is the machine driven by the cold-hearted business tyrant: Don Genie. This unfeeling business mogul had this oversized vehicle brought into existence through his vast wealth and pulled absolutely no stops in the process. It is one of the most heavily-armoured machines that has been seen on the track so far and was built in such a fashion as a safety precaution for it's wealthy pilot due to the risk given to one who's accumulated as many foes as he has over his lifetime. Much effort was also put into this machine's thrusters, giving it an above-average boost rate despite it's immense weight, something unheard of in the racing industry until now.

[edit] F-Zero AX

In the original arcade port of the Nintendo Gamecube-released F-Zero GX, the Fat Shark(and pilot Done Genie)made it's very first appearance as a machine exclusively playable in this version of the game(it can also be unlocked in the GCN version by way of completing very hard missions in the game's Story Mode). While the Fat Shark obviously relies on it's over-exaggerated amount of body strength, the acceleration stat and boost power of this machine proves to be surprisingly redeemable. With this said, this vehicles control leaves much to be desired.

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