Hyper Death Anchor

Hyper Death Anchor
Hyper Death AnchorF0C.png
The Hyper Death Anchor as it appeared in F-Zero Climax
Number 13
Pilot(s) Hyper Zoda
Manufactured by Unknown
Body C
Boost A
Grip D
First Appeared F-Zero Climax

The Hyper Death Anchor is a modified version of Zoda's Death Anchor which was transformed by way of this deranged criminal after utilizing the Reactor Mite inside his body to his own ends. It is a slightly smaller and much sleeker version of the Death Anchor yet has proven to be much more durable, a fact that means big trouble for other racers on the track unfortunate enough to enter a race alongside this fiend!


After Rick Wheeler and Captain Falcon manage to enter the dark prison void in which Black Shadow banished Hyper Zoda as punishment, he transforms his machine into a much stronger and unstable version of it's former self by way of the powers he and his Reactor Mite wield and the reality-altering principles of the dimension in which he's currently situated.

[edit] F-Zero Climax

In the third F-Zero title to be released on a portable console, the Hyper Death Anchor was introduced as a brand new playable machine exclusively based off of the F-Zero Falcon Legend anime in which it was originally introduced. The Hyper Death Anchor is twice as strong as the original Death Anchor as well as slightly quicker by comparison. However, this change unfortunately degrades this machine's poor grip stat even further as an equalizing result.

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