Hyper Zoda

Hyper Zoda
Hyper ZodaFL.png
Hyper Zoda as he appeared in F-Zero Falcon Legend
Name Hyper Zoda
Age Unknown
Occupation Superhuman, Racer
Machine Hyper Death Anchor
First Appeared F-Zero Falcon Legend, F-Zero Climax

Hyper Zoda is the product of genetic alteration and advanced space-age technology. He came to be after Black Shadow forced the mysterious Reactor Mite into Zoda's midsection, planting a ticking timebomb of nearly limitless power into one of his most dependable underlings. This had weakened Zoda to a great extent, but he soon discovered that the Reactor Mite can be activated upon undergoing a certain amount of mental stress. Once this had happened, Zoda transformed into a hulking version of his former self, wielding an amazing amount of strength, invulnerability, and greater crazed tendencies to match.

[edit] F-Zero Climax

In the latest portable F-Zero title, Hyper Zoda makes his first appearance as one of the four alternate unlockable characters in the game. He can only be unlocked after you've acheived an overall first place on every track in every cup under every difficulty setting. Once this is done, you'll be able to press the 'R' button on Zoda when he is highlighted in the character roster and he'll transform into Hyper Zoda.

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