Kent Akechi

Kent Akechi
Kent AkechiMV.jpg
Kent Akechi as he appeared in F-Zero Maximum Velocity
Name Kent Akechi
Age Unknown
Occupation Son, Racer
Machine Falcon MK-2
First Appeared F-Zero Maximum Velocity

Kent Akechi is an up-and-coming young racer who claims to be the son of the great Captain Falcon. No one usually questions this claim after they've witnessed this pilot's exceptional skills on the track and precisive handling of the Falcon MK-II, a substantially upgraded version of the original Blue Falcon(despite this, he has yet to enlist in the business of freelance bounty-hunting). Despite his confident and carefree attitude, Kent can sometimes be seen as far too determined to walk in the same path of his father, often pushing himself far past his limits and into the hands of danger.

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