King Meteor

King Meteor
King MeteorGX.png
The King Meteor as it appeared in F-Zero GX
Number 20
Pilot Super Arrow
Manufactured by Professor Hollow
Body E
Boost B
Grip B
First Appeared F-Zero X
Later Appeared F-Zero GX
F-Zero GP Legend
F-Zero Climax

The King Meteor is the machine driven by the bumbling defender of justice: Super Arrow. It was fully constructed by Professor Hollow, the man responsible behind the designs of both Super Arrow and Mrs. Arrow's superhero uniforms as well as their arsenal of weapons and gadgets. As an almost parallel to the heavier Queen Meteor, the King Meteor is much lighter in overall weight yet boasts mirrored stats to the heroine's machine regardless. It's speed and control is the King Meteor's saving grace when burdened with it's awful body strength.

[edit] F-Zero X

In the second console-based installment of the F-Zero franchise, the King Meteor was introduced among the wide array of 25 fellow new machines. With an extremely vulnerable chasis, this particular machine must completely rely on it's above-average boost power and control in order to avoid all the deadly trouble it risks encountering just for showing up on the track.

[edit] F-Zero GX

In the most recent console-based installment of this series, Super Arrow's King Meteor returns with a slightly improved body stat which still remains on the lower end of the spectrum. Luckily, the exact same amount of boost speed and tight grip that allowed this fragile machine to escape close scrapes also returns to lend a hand!

[edit] F-Zero Climax

In the most recent portable console-based title, the King Meteor pierces the stratosphere with above-average handling and boost prepulsion capabilities that can easily match the toughest competitor with enough practice and dedication. Caution must be taken when bumping other vehicles though, as this machine's very weak body typically won't stand too much punishment.

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