Lisa Brilliant

Lisa Brilliant
Lisa BrilliantFL.jpg
Lisa Brilliant as she appeared in F-Zero Falcon Legend
Name Lisa Brilliant
Age 32
Occupation Thief, Racer
Machine Panzer Emerald
First Appeared F-Zero Falcon Legend
Later Appeared F-Zero GP Legend, F-Zero Climax

Lisa Brilliant is the wife of Samurai Goroh and the mother of Dai Goroh. She runs with Goroh's band of thieves, typically serving as the brains of their operations(as well as a possible decoy, as far as her looks are concerned). She is a rather cunning and cynical individual, often trusting no one but herself and often turning her back on others if she finds it suitable to her needs. She is also the older sister of Antonio Guster, which can lead to her landing in the middle of brutal altercations between him and her husband. This is what pushed Lisa to truly take charge of any situation that may come her way, inspiring her to enter the F-Zero circuit for her own gain, using the Panzer Emerald that was crafted with the assistance of some of the best mechanics in the group of thieves she belongs to.

Lisa Brilliant as she appeared in F-Zero GP Legend

[edit] F-Zero GP Legend

In the first portable installment in which Lisa Brilliant appeared, she was featured as one of eight characters with their own individual storymodes complete with exclusive missions. Her story went as follows: Lisa loses her memory entirely after getting into a bad crash on the track and sets off aimlessly in her Panzer Emerald to find out who she actually is. She soon comes across Samurai Goroh, and challenges him to a race after he suspects she poisoned him, his suspicion arising after it's made clear to him that she's not being herself. After winning, Goroh drops his suspicion that she poisoned him and Lisa continues searching for her identity. She later runs into Antonio Guster, who claims to know that the secret to restoring her memory lies with Samurai Goroh and promises to lead her to him if she beats him at a race.

After Lucy defeats him, Guster runs off in an overwhelmed panic and she is once again forced to set off to search for potential individuals. She is then discovered by Zoda after reachinf Mute City. He also claims that he knows a way to get her memory back, but after her previous betrayal, she won't buy it. He attempts to convince her by revealing that she's the wife of Samurai Goroh and promises to reveal the rest after she beats him in a race, and makes it clear that she'll become his servant if she happens to lose. She agrees to these terms in desperation and manages to defeat him, but Zoda's betrays their pact and starts to flee before Black Shadow appears and strikes him down.

He reveals that he holds all of her memories and that she must win a Grand Prix in order to retrieve them. Lisa recalls spotting Black Shadow just prior to her most recent race, convincing her that this man may be serious about all of this. They hold the final race at Lightning, the terms being that Black Shadow will give up all of her memories if Lisa wins, but if she loses, she will be his slave forever. Lucy ends up winning the race, causing Black Shadow's machine to explode and run off the track. In a desperate rage, Lucy tries to catch him in order to finally get her memory back, but Captain Falcon shows up and tells her that it will do no good. This meeting is what finally snaps Lucy back to reality, recalling who both Falcon and Goroh are.

Lisa Brilliant meeting with Jack Levin in F-Zero Falcon Legend

[edit] F-Zero Climax

In the latest portable F-Zero title, Lisa Brilliant makes her second appearance as a selectable pilot in the series. In this installment, she can only be unlocked after you've received an overall first-place ranking in the Silver Cup, set to the Novice difficulty.

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