Little Wyvern

Little Wyvern
Little WyvernGX.png
The Little Wyvern as it appeared in F-Zero GX
Number 10
Pilot James McCloud
Manufactured by Space Dynamics
Body E
Boost B
Grip B
First Appeared F-Zero X
Later Appeared F-Zero GX
F-Zero GP Legend
F-Zero Climax

The Little Wyvern is the machine driven by the dedicated fighter pilot: James McCloud. This vehicle was originally one of James's most-trusted war crafts that he had fashioned into an F-Zero machine during Galaxy Dog's slow period, in which he was yearning for an extra source of income and natural adrenaline input. After convincing Space Dynamics, the brilliant mechanist group behind the creation of all Galaxy Dog's war tech, they set to work downsizing one of the most technically-advanced fighter jets in the squadron, downsizing it drastically and making it solely land-based.

[edit] F-Zero X

In the second console-based installment of the F-Zero franchise, the Little Wyvern was introduced among the wide array of 25 fellow new machines. This machine is modestly balanced overall, with an above-average amount of control and boost power to back it up. The only downside is this machine's dreadfully-lacking body strength which was produced as a result of the Little Wyvern being completely based off of a comparably delicate aerial craft.

[edit] F-Zero GX

In the most recent console-based installment of this series, James McCloud's Little Wyvern returns will a well-moderated amount of chasis strength and top speed levels, but it's rather exposed body sets it back a few paces. While this weakness isn't as over-the-top as the Twin Norrita's, a fair amount of practice is still required in order to keep well ahead of the competition for the sake of safety.

[edit] F-Zero Climax

In the most recent portable console-based title, the Little Wyvern pulls off barrel rolls with both it's acceleration and boosting abilities evenly distributed, allowing you to let this machine's low body stat err little to no hindering effect at all.

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