Luna Ryder

Luna Ryder
Luna RyderFL.jpg
Luna Ryder as she appeared in F-Zero Falcon Legend
Name Luna Ryder
Age 24
Occupation Assassin, Racer
Machine Moon Shadow
First Appeared F-Zero Falcon Legend
Later Appeared F-Zero GP Legend, F-Zero Climax

Luna Ryder(AKA Haruka Misaki) was the girlfriend and soon-to-be fiance of Rick Wheeler back in the year of 2051, but a horrible accident with a dangerous criminal ripped him from her life and she was lost. Zoda later kidnapped her after escaping Rick following the crash and hypnotized her, putting her into a deep sleep and placing her in a cryo bed. She was later defrosted roughly 145 years later by Zoda and was brought to Black Shadow, where he brainwashed her to be his slave. She served as a personal assassin for him from then on. Later on in the series(after Hyper Zoda came to be), Luna's memories started to come back to her, alerting the suspicion of Hyper Zoda while Black Shadow was preparing to do away with her after she fully remembered who she was. Once this eventually happened and Black Shadow attacked her, Captain Falcon came to her rescue and brought her to safety. For the rest of the series, she can be seen working at Falcon House in place of Bart Lemming, silently rooting on Rick during the rest of his races.

Luna Ryder kneeling before Black Shadow in his lair

Luna Ryder as she appeared in F-Zero GP Legend
Luna Ryder as she appeared in F-Zero Climax

[edit] F-Zero Climax

In the latest portable F-Zero title, Luna Ryder makes her second appearance as a selectable pilot in the series. In this installment, she can only be unlocked after you've received an overall first-place ranking in the Silver Cup, set to the Expert difficulty.

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