Moon Shadow

Moon Shadow
Moon ShadowGPL.png
The Moon Shadow as it appeared in F-Zero GP Legend
Number 32
Pilot(s) Luna Ryder
Manufactured by Dark Million
Body B
Boost C
Grip B
First Appeared F-Zero GP Legend
Later Appeared F-Zero Climax

The Moon Shadow is the machine driven by the enchanting assassin: Luna Ryder. This machine was put together by Dark Million under direct orders from Black Shadow in order to accommodate their newest recruit. It's base chasis shape follows similar aspects of the Elegance Liberty save for the fact that the Moon Shadow has much more streamlined and defined contours around it's front end. Due to this, the acceleration granted to this machine is rather lessened by comparison.

[edit] F-Zero GP Legend

In the second F-Zero title to be released on a portable console, the Moon Shadow was introduced as a brand new playable machine exclusively based off of the F-Zero Falcon Legend anime in which it was originally introduced. The Moon Shadow is a rather reliable machine in both handling and strength aspects, however it's rather small yet chunky design makes the benefit of boosting rather fruitless.

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