Mr. EADGX.jpg
Mr. EAD as he appeared in F-Zero GX
Name Mr. EAD
Age Unknown
Birthplace EAD Laboratories
Occupation Android, Racer
Machine Great Star
First Appeared F-Zero X
Later Appeared F-Zero GX
F-Zero Climax
F-Zero Legend of Falcon

Mr. EAD is a highly-advanced android developed by the well-concealed development group: EAD. As the very first of his kind, this model was put under a plethora of physical and mental training such as combat, espionage, and advanced IQ tests, all in the hope of fashioning the world's very first perfectly-functioning android. In order to truly put EAD's training to the test, his creators entered him in the F-Zero Grand Prix as it presented just the right amount of muscle reflex and mental sharpness that would truly ensure the perfection of their robotic prototype. Even though this experiment bore no fruit at the hands of Captain Falcon's victory, EAD was entered into next year's Grand Prix after an even tougher series of testing in order to fine tune all of the imperfections that caused this unwarranted setback. If EAD succeeds in the races this time around, it will guarantee a flawlessly-functioning android crafted to the credit of this mysterious organization.

EAD is a full-on reference to both Nintendo's mascot: Mario, and the company's development group: "Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development", where the initials for his name are derived from. His overall appearance should naturally explain all that makes him "Mario", from his big, curled mustache, to his Power Star belt, and even his overall rounded physique.

Mr. EAD as he appeared in F-Zero X


[edit] F-Zero X

In the second console-based installment of the F-Zero franchise, Mr. EAD was introduced as a strongly happy-go-lucky being with a very positive attitude in the best of times. That still doesn't keep him from being a formidable competitor on the track, clearing everyone from his path under the weight of his machine, the Great Star. It isn't revealed that EAD is an android until his Expert Class ending video, where he literally takes off the outer plate of his face in celebration.

[edit] F-Zero GX

In the most recent console-based title, Mr. EAD lost most of the spark that he had coming in with F-Zero X, appearing somewhat reserved and almost boring. This is proven by the majority of his F-Zero TV interview answers consisting of revealing that his favourite type of food is italian(another Mario reference), and that he's always wanted to wear overalls(more Mario). Their is also a rather flamboyant side of this character that's brought to light that lessens the character's overall respectable side and makes him seem rather dainty.

Mr. EAD as he appeared in F-Zero GP Legend

[edit] F-Zero Climax

Due to the lack of an actual storyline, besides being based off of the finale to F-Zero Falcon Legend(character-wise), Mr. EAD comes reprogrammed in the Great Star, boasting a great amount of body strength. Just don't expect to see much admirable grip and speed performance from this particular machine.

[edit] F-Zero Legend of Falcon

In the anime adaptation, Mr. EAD is a well-trusted member of the Elite Mobile Task Force, working alongside the likes of Jody Summer and Dr. Stewart. He is presented in a very respectable light in this show, coming off as almost a co-leader of Jody's squad. He ends up making a solid friendship with Rick Wheeler, whom he sometimes ends up going out on assignments with. Alongside John Tanaka, it has been hinted that EAD also has a crush on Kate Alen, but in a much more subtle and solemn manner. It is assumed that the High Orbit Patrol originally crafted EAD's android being in this canon.

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