Mute City I

Mute City I
Mute City ISNES.png
The Mute City I track as it appeared in F-Zero.
League Knight
Size Medium
Difficulty Easy
First Appearance F-Zero

Mute City I is the very first of the fifteen playable tracks featured in F-Zero and the very first to be featured in the Knight-league Grand Prix. It is the only track of the trio to be set during the daytime.

[edit] Description

The track begins on a long straightaway, where the only available Health Strip is located along the far left side. A shallow yet sharp turn to the upper-right will then emerge, sporting a thin Grit Zone on the left side. Go straight for a little while and then another, smaller turn similar to the last one will appear, with the Grit Zone remaining on the left side(only slightly thickened). The track will immediately widen following this turn and then throw a wide, curved turn to the right about halfway down it. Follow this new straightaway for a short while and then the track will thin down again. From this point, follow the long straightaway(which offers a Jump Plate halfway through).

At the end of it, the track will drastically widen(triangually)to another right turn, where a large, triangular Grit Zone will show up to your right. As you move on down this turn, a second triangular Grit Zone will be located to your left(while extra-thick Grit Zones inhabit the right-end corner/entire far-right side). At that point, a second shallow-yet-sharp turn to the right will come up, which will then have you driving down a straightaway with thick Grit Zones on either far side of the track! At the end of that section, the now-thick track will make a shallow-yet-sharp turn to the left and then quickly transition into a smooth, hook-shaped turn(with varying thicknesses of Grit Zones on either side of the track the whole time). After completing the turn, the track will noticably narrow down and lose all of it's Grit Zones. Keep up with the straightaway that will follow and the finish line will soon appear.

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