Mute City II

Mute City II
The Mute City II track as it appeared in F-Zero.
League Queen
Size Large
Difficulty Normal
First Appearance F-Zero

Mute City II is the sixth of the fifteen playable tracks featured in F-Zero and the very first to be featured in the Queen-league Grand Prix. It is the only track in the game to be set during the evening, on the brink of the sunset.

[edit] Description

The track begins on a long, wide straightaway similar to Mute City I, then diverts in an upper-right diagonal direction to another, shorter straightaway. Take another upper-right diagonal turn and the track will slightly widen and carry you on through an even shorter straightaway before taking a sudden sharp, clean turn to the right. Follow a short straightaway from here as the track gradually thins out and then transitions into a perfect circle shape, allowing you to choose two different routes to take: either left or right(both of which will lead you to the same point). After exiting the circle, you'll head straight and into a Jump Plate and take an easy right turn as the entire track gradually balloons in size, making smooth turns a breeze! You'll then take a left turn on this large track, hit another Jump Plate as you momentarily head straight, then make another upper-right diagonal turn onto another lengthy straightaway.

Upcoming from this point will be a sharp, smooth, curved turn to the right at the end of the road(echoing Mute City I again), which will steer you to a final straightaway as the track slightly shaves down again in size, where the finish line will soon follow!

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