Mute City III

Mute City III
The Mute City III track as it appeared in F-Zero.
League King
Size Medium
Difficulty Normal
First Appearance F-Zero

Mute City III is the eleventh of the fifteen playable tracks featured in F-Zero and the very first to be featured in the King-league Grand Prix. It is one of four tracks in the game to be set during total nighttime hours.

[edit] Description

The track begins on a similar straightaway to the previous two Mute City tracks, with the exception of it being the longest of the three, widening out slightly in the middle. The end of this straightaway will turn diagonally towards the upper-right, then lead on down a shorter straightaway before making a repeat of this turn onto a gradually-widened piece of track(with a solid Grit Zone lining the far left side of the track the entire time). You'll then move on for a short ways and then make a shallow, curved turn to the right. With the track at the same length, you'll follow straight for a short ways before the track noticably thins out, offering up obstacles in the forms of large, dents in the track forcing some attentive maneouvering in order to maintain a top speed! After working through this straightaway, you'll enter a wide-open area, with super-thick Grit Zones on either side of the track as you make an easy right turn into a field of hindersome Track Mines.

Successfully swerve through them as you move on and quickly make an equally-easy left turn onto a clear stretch of consistently-thick track, move ahead a short ways, and then make a shallow, upper-right diagonal turn onto a wide straightaway(with the surrounding Grit Zones still remaining). This will eventually lead you into a smooth u-turn that has been seen in every Mute City track so far, which will send you on a final straightaway to the finish line as the track thins out once more and every last trace of the Grit Zones disappear.

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