Mute City IV

Mute City IV
The Mute City IV track as it appeared in BS F-Zero Grand Prix II.
League Ace
Size Medium
Difficulty Normal
First Appearance BS F-Zero Grand Prix II

Mute City IV is the first of the five playable tracks featured in BS F-Zero Grand Prix II and the very first to be featured in the exclusive Ace-league Grand Prix.

[edit] Description

The track begins on a similar, overdrawn straightaway seen in the past three Mute City tracks, with the course widening off to the left, to make room for the Health Strips, then thinning back down again right before a familiar diagonal turn to the upper-right pops up. Another, shorter straightaway will proceed followed by another upper-right diagonal turn(with a thick Grit Zone located off to the left the entire time). After this turn, the track will noticably widen off to the right as you continue on through a short straightaway, quicklly coming up to a solid right turn(while the thick Grit Zone remains on the far-left side). After proceeding forward shortly, the track will drastically thin down as the current straightaway continues. You'll all too soon encounter a giant Boost Arrow stretching from both sides of the track, followed by a regular-sized Boost Arrow right after it.

This on-track pattern will repeat twice while traveling in the same direction, building up enough unstoppable momentum needed to clear the huge jump straight off of the track's left edge, landing amidst four giant Boost Arrows suspended in the air that you'll need in order to swiftly reach the solid course once again! After this safe landing is made successfully, you'll blast through two successive giant Boost Arrows followed by one last regular-sized Boost Arrow(while moving through a final portion of track similar to the last three Mute Cities, with thick Grit Zones inhabiting either side of the track)and straight into a sudden, hook-shaped turn to the right. After exiting this turn, the track's size will expand exponentially before greatly thinning down just in time for you to clear the brief straightaway towards the finish line!

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