PJ as he appeared in F-Zero GX
Name PJ
Age 35
Occupation Former Taxi Driver, Racer
Machine Groovy Taxi
First Appeared F-Zero GX, F-Zero AX

PJ was a former employee of the taxi service known as Galaxy Cab, a company that's highly-renowned in the business. He was always their best employee, earning the most money in fare and showing the most exceptional driving skills in order to reach each stop on time(despite it regularly attracting the attention of street police). After working for the company for several years and earning much respect, PJ saw it appropriate to ask the head of the company for a salary raise as well as a larger taxi meant to accomodate taller passengers. This unfortunately led to an abrasive fight between him and his boss, who found his particular requests to be unecessary and outrageous, which ultimately cost PJ his job and the purposeful use of his taxi. Longing to put his years of driving experience to use, he entered the F-Zero Grand Prix after he spotted an article advertising it. After taking his taxi into the shop to be remodeled into a suitable racing machine, PJ set his brand new life on track. Oddly enough, he still advertises his former employer of Galaxy Cab in the fact that he still wears his cabbie uniform and constantly mentions their business in his F-Zero TV interviews.

PJ as he appeared in an F-Zero TV interview

[edit] F-Zero GX

In the most recent console-based title, PJ is featured as a special character who can only be unlocked after successfully completing one of the game's nine StoryMode chapters on the Very Hard setting. This character was originally featured as an exclusively selectable pilot from the get-go in F-Zero AX, the reformatted arcade version of F-Zero GX. He can appear(as well as sound)rather dorky at first, but PJ is a real talented and determined guy who is sometimes burdened by a hard-headed attitude.

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