Panzer Emerald

Panzer Emerald
Panzer EmeraldGPL.png
The Panzer Emerald as it appeared in F-Zero GP Legend
Number 33
Pilot(s) Lisa Brilliant
Manufactured by Toraemon Echigoya
Body A
Boost D
Grip B
First Appeared F-Zero GP Legend
Later Appeared F-Zero Climax

The Panzer Emerald is the machine driven by the hard-edged wife: Lisa Brilliant. It was constructed by the same underground manufacturer that put together the Fire Stingray, only lighter materials were used which makes the Panzer Emerald quicker(and slightly weaker)by comparison. Like the Silver Rat, the Panzer Emerald carries certain physical characteristics relatable to other machines. In Lisa Brilliant's case, part of her machine's design was based off of the Blue Falcon(in regards to the cockpit)and the Big Fang(in regards to the backend thrusters).

[edit] F-Zero GP Legend

In the second F-Zero title to be released on a portable console, the Panzer Emerald was introduced as a brand new playable machine exclusively based off of the F-Zero Falcon Legend anime in which it was originally introduced. This machine proves to have an excellent amount of body strength and substantial amount of handling potential, but lacks an effective boost thruster that is deterred by the top speeds it can reach without it.

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