Pink Spider

Pink Spider
Pink SpiderAX.png
The Pink Spider as it appeared in F-Zero AX
Number 33
Pilot(s) Dai San Gen
Manufactured by Tsumo Research
Body C
Boost C
Grip A
First Appeared F-Zero AX

The Pink Spider is the machine driven by the unstoppable alien trio: Dai San Gen. Due to his vast mechanical aptitude and love for the sport of F-Zero(mainly the vast gambling possibilities associated with it), Dai San Gen's uncle, Professor Tsumo, built this unique and revolutionary machine for them to enter the upcoming F-Zero Grand Prix in order to bring aid to their financially-ailing home planet of Shinar(and for particular personal reasons meant to feed certain addictions). The Pink Spider got it's name from the special physical aperture that Tsumo had built on both sides of the machine, known as "Spider Legs". They appear to hug the ground while racing even though they hover a mere inch off at all times and provide the Pink Spider with some of the highest amount of grip that this Grand Prix will see!

[edit] F-Zero AX

In the original arcade port of the Nintendo Gamecube-released F-Zero GX, the Pink Spider(and pilots Dai San Gen)made it's very first appearance as a machine exclusively playable in this version of the game(it can also be unlocked in the GCN version by way of completing very hard missions in the game's Story Mode). The Pink Spider is solely regarded for it's completely flawless handling capabilties that are granted by it's "Spider Legs". All unwary pilots have to avoid when putting this machine's excellent cornering to use is confrontations with other machines, given this vehicle's body strength is rather lacking as well as it's speed stat.

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