Rick Wheeler

Rick Wheeler
Rick WheelerFL.PNG
Rick Wheeler as he appeared in F-Zero Falcon Legend
Name Rick Wheeler
Age 23
Occupation Lawman, Racer
Machine Dragon Bird, Blue Falcon GT
First Appeared F-Zero Falcon Legend
Later Appeared F-Zero GP Legend, F-Zero Climax

Rick Wheeler is the overall main character of the anime, F-Zero Falcon Legend, next to Captain Falcon and Jody Summer. Rick was born on July 28, 2028 and raised in a rural farm in Boston, and he was the only child in the family. He owned a Labrador named Axel, and he always worked hard at the farm, especially when his mom was weak from illness. He later moved to New York City and eventually had the talents of a racer like his old man. Rick was also once a highly-respected member of the police force stationed in New York City back in the year of 2051. He would hunt down various criminal organizations and individuals which plagued the city, one of his most-wanted being Zoda, a deranged mob boss with an insatiable appetite for mayhem and despair. Rick had a girlfriend in this timeline named Haruka, whom he loved dearly and was prepared to propose himself to her. Prior to this big decision, Rick was suddenly called to a downtown chase involving Zoda and a stolen getaway vehicle. Dropping all compassion aside for the time being, Rick focused all of his strengths and efforts into bringing down this dangerous fugitive once and for all! However, it turned out that even after all of this time, Zoda still had some tricks up his sleeve ready for his archrival, as he shot the driver-side door of his vehicle off with a rifle as he's driving, Rick in pursuit, and sent the detached car part careening for Rick's windshield.

The extent of Rick's bodily damages were so massive that he couldn't have possibly been revived by current medical science technology of the era, which was why he was put into cryosleep shortly after and kept in a stable condition of suspended-animation for 150 years, awakening in the year 2201. After being awoken by Dr. Stewart and Jody Summer, Rick was enlisted as a member of the Elite Mobile Task Force and ended up with the Dragon Bird(a machine Dr. Clash was working on at the time) after using it to pursue Haruka which he believed still existed in this timeline. He was to race in every F-Zero Grand Prix in which wanted criminals who were after the big prize money offered for their own evil gain take part in from now on.

Rick Wheeler as he appeared in the 4Kids adaptation of F-Zero Falcon Legend

Rick Wheeler as he appeared in the original Japanese opening of F-Zero Falcon Legend

[edit] F-Zero Falcon Legend

In the anime adaptation, Rick Wheeler was officially introduced as a rather hot-headed yet noble and caring individual, with an iron will and feats of determination to match. He is mostly shown as a rather vengeful character for the most part, setting his sights on the future Zoda in attempts to avenge his beloved Haruka and his shattered life, a personal goal of his throughout the entire series. Throughout, he was also regularly approached by Captain Falcon, who usually showed up to give him a helping hand during a tight situation and deliver some quick advice on the side.

Much later in the anime, the reason why Rick was revived was because he was destined to be the galaxy's Savior from Black Shadow, according to Dr. Stewart and Jody. In order to turn the tides to Falcon's favor, he eventually was trained by him on how to use his Reactor Might housed in the Dragon Bird, to which Dr. Clash didn't know. He was able to use a special technique known as the Boost Fire, which made his machine go in a violent vortex to increase his velocity for a brief period of time. Rick later discovered of the enemy's hidden location and was put into a stasis tube by Black Shadow, Don Genie, and Deathborn, who manipulated the F-Zero Committee. He narrowly escaped thanks to his friends' support, and he and Falcon escaped.

It was then he was destined to set things right, and in a final showdown against the Emperor of Brutality, Capt. Falcon sacrificed himself with the Falcon Punch and announced to Rick that he'd carry his mantle. Because Miss Killer (aka Luna Ryder, Haruka Misaki) awakened from her brainwashed state, and later from frozen carbonite, Rick finally proposed to her at Memory Park.

In 2207, Rick is seen as the Young Captain Falcon, and during the Mute City Grand Prix, he pilots the Blue Falcon GT, an enhanced version from the original. His student, Clank Hughes, then piloted the Dragon Bird EX, which was once enhanced thanks to the Mobile Task Force where it possessed two Reactor Mites; it was remade before Rick's duel against Black Shadow.

Rick Wheeler as he appeared in F-Zero GP Legend

[edit] F-Zero GP Legend

In the first F-Zero game in which this character appeared in, he was featured as the first of eight special characters with their own individual story modes to play through. His story starts out with him chasing down Octoman in the heart of Mute City, hoping he'll lead him to Zoda once he's captured. Upon getting the jump on Octoman, Zoda enters the scene in order to come to his aid. Zoda flees upon being confronted by Rick and he begins to pursue him, but is suddenly interuppted by Captain Falcon. He introduces himself to him and then offers to help him chase down Zoda, revealing that he's after him too. After a quick run around the outskirts of Mute City, Rick and Falcon finally catch the Death Anchor and open the cockpit to apprehend the criminal inside. Much to their dismay, Bio Rex is found to be sitting in the driver's seat, revealing that Zoda set up a clever decoy for them.

Rick later reveals to Captain Falcon that both him and Zoda came from the year 2051 and have been sworn enemies for ages.Falcon then deduces that Zoda will surely show up at the next Grand Prix race in order to snag the prize money, giving Rick ample reason to register as hastily as possible! He heads to Fire Field, where this next race is located, and is infuriated to find out that Zoda isn't there after eventually winning first place. He gets set to search further, but is interuppted by Jack Levin as he informs him over Rick's communicator that Jody Summer had been abducted! Rick hurries to Port Town, where Jack called from, and insists that Zoda is behind it all. Although Jack clarifies that it was actually Blood Falcon's doing and has locked her up in a warehouse nearby. Jack then sends Rick off to save her in his Dragon Bird.

After reaching the warehouse and returning Jody safely(with Blood Falcon nowhere in sight), she scolds Rick for recklessly running off to capture criminals for his own gain(i.e. Octoman), letting him run off scot-free rather than bringing him into headquarters. Understanding that Rick most likely won't give it up until Zoda is captured, she let's him know that he should be entering the next Grand Prix race at Big Blue. It turns out that this particular race requires a handsome entry fee that Rick can't afford at the moment, but Black Shadow quickly interrupts this brief dilemma. He introduces himself as the master of darkness and swiftly challenges him to a race, transporting him to White Land with the use of his shadow powers. After Rick defeats him, Black Shadow simply can't stand the reality of it and flees the planet! Rick Wheeler then continues to hunt down suspicious fugitives in his ultimate hunt to capture Zoda.

[edit] F-Zero Climax

In the latest portable F-Zero title, Rick Wheeler makes his second appearance as a selectable pilot in the series. In this installment, he is already a selectable character, with a machine stat that's high in boost and strength, but slightly lagging in grip and overall speed. He also has an alternate form known as "New Falcon", in which Rick dawns Captain Falcon's uniform. This unlockable character drives the Blue Falcon GT and can only be made playable after you've received an overall first-place ranking in every individual Cup under every individual difficulty setting.

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