Rolling Turtle

Rolling Turtle
Rolling TurtleAX.png
The Rolling Turtle as it appeared in F-Zero AX
Number 39
Pilot(s) QQQ
Manufactured by Phoenix
Body A
Boost D
Grip B
First Appeared F-Zero AX

The Rolling Turtle is the machine driven by the incredibly timid yet capable QQQ. It was built by Phoenix using the components of an old military-based satellite for the purpose of allowing his robotic partner to aid him in missions. As a premeditated safety precaution, Phoenix purposely chose the parts that he did when constructing the Rolling Turtle in order to ensure top-class defense protected the vulnerable and very important QQQ at all times. This machine is incredibly tough for it's very small size and commonly takes headstrong racing veterans by surprise.

[edit] F-Zero AX

In the original arcade port of the Nintendo Gamecube-released F-Zero GX, the Rolling Turtle(and pilot QQQ)made it's very first appearance as a machine exclusively playable in this version of the game(it can also be unlocked in the GCN version by way of completing very hard missions in the game's Story Mode). The Rolling Turtle has some of the best body strength that a pilot could hope for and also boasts an above-average grip stat as an added bonus. As a result of these factors, this machine's boost speed is drastically reduced.

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