Samurai Goroh

Samurai Goroh
Samurai Goroh.jpg
Samurai Goroh as he appeared in F-Zero GX
Name Samurai Goroh
Age 37
Occupation Thief, Racer
Machine Fire Stingray
First Appeared F-Zero
Later Appeared F-Zero X
F-Zero GX
F-Zero GP Legend
F-Zero Climax
F-Zero Legend of Falcon

Samurai Goroh is a well-trained and natural swordsman with a knack for thievery and leadership, who formed his own group of bandits across the galaxy and is the self-proclaimed archrival of Captain Falcon. Despite this, he is typically portrayed as much more of a comedy relief and/or begrudging ally in place of serious threats such as Blood Falcon and Black Shadow. Goroh was actually part of a law-enforcement squad known as the Internova Police Force alongside Captain Falcon, but went down their separate paths after a horrible racing accident. Goroh is the father of Dai Goroh and the husband of Lisa Brilliant.

Samurai Goroh as he appeared in F-Zero


[edit] F-Zero SNES

In the very first installment in which Samurai Goroh officially appeared, the only physical appearances he made were on print, such as promotional posters for the game, the back of the official game box, and the instruction manual written for the game which included a short bio for this character as well as a full-body piece of stock art. He was described as a renegade thief at this point and a rival bounty hunter to Captain Falcon.

[edit] F-Zero X

In the second console-based installment of the F-Zero franchise, Samurai Goroh was made to seem much more overconfident and self-absorbed than he was originally brought on to be, revealing that he'll stop at absolutely nothing to prove to the world that he's the superior bounty hunter to Captain Falcon at any cost possible. His appearance also went from a portly swordmaster to a beefy warrior with a fierce ambition.

[edit] F-Zero GX

It was the most recent console-based release of this popular racing franchise that the bumbling side of Samurai Goroh became apparent. To be blunt, he was barely portrayed as a threat at all as much as a minor annoyance to Captain Falcon, encountering him in only one chapter of the game's storymode. It was here that he challenged Captain Falcon to a dangerous race around Red Canyon under the mercy of boulder landslides and endless cliffs. In the end, it turns out he was beat easily yet Goroh still swears his revenge on him next time. From the F-Zero TV interviews to each appearance in the storymode cutscenes, Samurai Goroh was seen as less of an antagonistic rival and more of a side attraction to Captain Falcon's escapades.

Samurai Goroh as he appeared in F-Zero GP Legend

[edit] F-Zero GP Legend

The tides barely changed in the first portable release to feature this character, where Samurai Goroh seeks out a certain individual who intentionally poisoned him during a race. There are various subtle jokes laden throughout Goroh's storymode missions, yet he retains a certain air of respectability once the player is given a chance to see things from this self-proclaimed master thief's perspective.

[edit] F-Zero Climax

Due to the lack of an actual storyline, besides being based off of the finale to F-Zero Falcon Legend(character-wise), Samurai Goroh's stats are fairly well-leveled. He's one of the faster racers featured at the cost of overall boost strength.

Samurai Goroh as he appeared in F-Zero Falcon Legend

[edit] F-Zero Legend of Falcon

In a complete bipolar outcome, Samurai Goroh's outlook and personality is completely overhauled in this anime into a cool-headed, hardened warrior of Japan who takes his greatly organized thief practices just as importantly as he does his own well-earned dignity. Due to this fact and his main plot involvement with Rick Wheeler, Goroh is barely ever seen as Captain Falcon's begrudged rival or a makeshift bounty hunter of any kind.

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