Silver Rat

Silver Rat
Silver RatAX.png
The Silver Rat as it appeared in F-Zero AX
Number 35
Pilot Dai Goroh
Manufactured by Toraemon Echigoya
Body D
Boost A
Grip D
First Appeared F-Zero AX

The Silver Rat is the machine driven by the young and spunky sword-swinger: Dai Goroh. When preparing to race in the F-Zero Grand Prix alongside his father, Dai Goroh didn't want to make the respect-fueled emulation towards him too strikingly obvious, so he turned to the next closest source to draw inspiration off of in terms of his very own racing machine: the Green Panther, the machine driven by Samurai Goroh's vengeful ex-ally, Antonio Guster. It's apparent that many outer design aspects were transferred from this machine's chasis and pasted onto Dai Goroh's creation, but with his own added design twists. This machine is at least twice as small as the Green Panther and much more rounded in shape, making it immensely faster and more responsive when confronted by tricky turns.

[edit] F-Zero AX

In the original arcade port of the Nintendo Gamecube-released F-Zero GX, the Silver Rat(and pilot Dai Goroh)made it's very first appearance as a machine exclusively playable in this version of the game(it can also be unlocked in the GCN version by way of completing very hard missions in the game's Story Mode). The Silver Rat is an absolute marvel in terms of boost power, having the most powerful(and likely most dangerous)prepulsion system on the track. The only downside to this ability is that such power is improperly contained in such a diminutively-sized vehicle, which seriously sends this machine's overall control rating into a downward spiral. While the Silver Rat's body strength is no doubt extremely low, it's size typically makes dodging larger, easy-to-spot vehicles a breeze.

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