Soldier Anchor

Soldier Anchor
Soldier AnchorF0C.png
The Soldier Anchor as it appeared in F-Zero Climax
Number 34
Pilot(s) Death Soldier
Manufactured by Deathriddle
Body D
Boost B
Grip B
First Appeared F-Zero Climax

The Soldier Anchor is the machine driven by Dark Million's henchman group: the Death Soldiers. Besides a simple colour swap from blue to orange, this machine is a much weaker version of the Death Anchor but much more balanced in the control and acceleration departments. Besides these alterations, the Soldier Anchor is a complete clone of Zoda's original machine.

[edit] F-Zero Climax

In the third F-Zero title to be released on a portable console, the Soldier Anchor was introduced as a brand new playable machine exclusively based off of the F-Zero Falcon Legend anime in which it was originally introduced. The Soldier Anchor is a much more fragile variant of the Death Anchor by comparison but offers increased handling capabilities in order to make up for it. As another con, it's boost power unfortunately suffered slightly in this process.

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