Zoda as he appeared in F-Zero GX
Name Zoda
Age Unknown
Birthplace Uma-41
Occupation Criminal, Racer
Machine Death Anchor
First Appeared F-Zero X
Later Appeared F-Zero GX
F-Zero Climax
F-Zero Legend of Falcon

Zoda is a space alien from the planet Uma-41, where he lives among the Zolorkian Coalition: a race of very aggressive and warfare-bent lifeforms with advanced intelligence and physical stamina compared to that of the average human being. Being one of the most crazed and driven of his kind, Zoda set up his very own master plan of setting up a Zolorkian Government embassy on Earth in order to exploit the planet's entire fuel supply and precious mineral reserves for his own personal gain(and he's willing to accomplish this goal at any cost). This ambition did successfully land him on the planet Earth and allowed him to begin his criminal operations in the local underground, but it didn't fare against the likes of Captain Falcon and Super Arrow, who promptly sniffed out his trail and have been foiling his plans ever since(with him slipping their grasp each time and boosting the bounty on his head ever higher). This eventually led Zoda to take part in the underground F-Zero races which were taking place inbetween the Great Accident and the F-Zero X Grand Prix, allowing him to effectively hide from the law amidst hordes of petty law-breakers. For this, Zoda and his lackeys crafted the Death Anchor, a machine specifically designed to break all safety codes of the F-Zero and unfairly perform better than any other average machine on the track. After costing the lives of two fellow racers in a reckless accident caused by his modded machine, Zoda eventually escaped the underground racing scene in order to enter the first official F-Zero Grand Prix in four years, hoping to successfully fund his sinister criminal operations.


[edit] F-Zero X

In the second console-based installment of the F-Zero franchise, Zoda was introduced as a maniacal, biologically-enhanced madman with a very stereotypical villanous premise set about him. It's apparent that all he strives to accomplish is bringing sheer chaos and mayhem to the racing track and ultimately win out over every other competitor as a result.

[edit] F-Zero GX

In the most recent console-based title, Zoda has a much more grounded backstory in regards to his villainy, but is still as crazed and demented as ever, with a very odd and amusing voice to match. In all truth, he becomes rather comical in overall personality, with a very clownish laugh, appearance, and answers to the majority of his F-Zero TV interview questions. Rather than exploit the planet Earth for all of it's essential resources, Zoda plans to flatout conquer the entire galaxy itself. How this is to be done, he does not clarify.

Zoda as he appeared in F-Zero GP Legend

[edit] F-Zero Climax

Due to the lack of an actual storyline, besides being based off of the finale to F-Zero Falcon Legend(character-wise), Zoda comes out as crazy as ever in the Death Anchor, with an amazing speed and grip stat, but a rather lackluster boost and awful strength count holds it back some.

Zoda as he appeared in F-Zero Falcon Legend

[edit] F-Zero Legend of Falcon

In the anime adaptation, Zoda's backstory has been completely overhauled. Rather than a psychotic outerspace alien, Zoda is actually a human criminal who lived as a mobster on Earth back in the year 2051. He was constantly pursued by Rick Wheeler for his arrest at that time, but was never able to keep up with this criminal's crazed tendencies. He eventually caused Rick Wheeler to be put in cold sleep after critically injuring him thanks to sending his stolen car door flying through the windshield of Rick's police cruiser. He was somehow reawakened 150 years in the future along with Rick and enlisted as one of Black Shadow's right-hand men, helming his Dark Million organization.

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